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July 21, 2022

Children's Fashion with Kid's Anthem feat. Sharon & Sam

Children's Fashion with Kid's Anthem feat. Sharon & Sam

Welcome back to the Beef! Joining us in the studio today are Sam and Sharon of Kid’s Anthem. Tune in to hear their story of entrepreneurship with a heart to help moms and dads in Tomball. You’ll learn about their amazing product range at Kid’s Anthem, from clothing for babies, all the way up to tweens, toys, shoes, and even some home decor. Find out about their quality checks, how Sharon uses her background in early childhood development to curate the toy range, and which services set their store apart from others like it. We talk about events they’ve hosted at the store, the joy of building a team and watching people grow, and why Tomball is a great destination beyond their part in adding to the magic. Thanks for joining us today! 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Everyone agrees that the device they couldn’t live without is their cell phone.
  • Sharon’s story of entrepreneurship, working with kids, and motherhood prior to opening Kid’s Anthem.
  • Sam’s experience with college volleyball, working as a train master, and working at Olin Gas, before becoming a mom.
  • Why Sam applied for the role and how it has given her purpose outside of the home.
  • The main goal of the store: to help moms.
  • What they sell at Kids Anthem: clothing, toys, shoes, and some home decor.
  • Their target market: everyone!
  • The price point of their items: 30 to 150 dollars.
  • Why they pride themselves on their quality checks.
  • How Sharon uses her background in early childhood development to curate the toy range.
  • Their gift-wrapping service.
  • How often they change their ranges and where you can find them online.
  • Making a purchase online and choosing in-store collection with the option to gift wrap.
  • Back door pick-up and why that option is so helpful to parents.
  • Why they love to have kids and families in the store.
  • The staff at Kid’s Anthem, from Kate in junior high, to Carey, a single mom in merchandising.
  • Where to find them on Instagram and Facebook. 
  • Events they host through the year: Santa, live bunnies or chicks for Easter, Stamped in Clay’s hand prints, a hair braid bar, and more.
  • Why they love to create photo opportunities within the store.
  • Everyone agrees that Tomball is an amazing destination beyond the boutique.


“We really do pride ourselves on our quality checks. Every single item that comes through our store it gets steamed, it gets tagged, it gets looked over by at least two sets of eyes.” — Sharon [0:19:07]

“I know that children learn through play, and I want parents to purchase a toy knowing that there is something behind it, whether it’s for fine motor development or social skill development, it’s all to help them grow.” — Sharon [0:20:43]

“It’s fun to walk around Tomball, and if you stop in our store, great, but if not, there are so many amazing restaurants, bakeries, and boutiques in downtown Tomball. It’s a really cool town.” — Sam [0:41:14]

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