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Feb. 16, 2023

From Performer to Tutor: The Story Behind Grove Prep feat. Nathaniel Dolquist with Grove Prep

From Performer to Tutor: The Story Behind Grove Prep feat. Nathaniel Dolquist with Grove Prep

As an entrepreneur, you need to know what your services are worth and have the confidence to value them accordingly. Today’s guest is a creative, performer, tutor, and entrepreneur. Nathaniel Dolquist is here to tell us all about his incredible business Groove Prep and today he inspires us to change our lives by knowing our own worth. In this episode, you’ll hear all about Nathaniel’s background, his performing arts studies, how he got into tutoring, and why he decided to start his own tutoring company. We also discuss why his tutors get to decide how much they earn, why he loves being an entrepreneur, how charisma affects your success, and the role self-discipline plays in Nathaniel’s life. Nathaniel goes on to explain how knowing himself and his value changed his life before he explains why he selects his clients carefully. He even walks us through the process he takes new clients on and explains how he creates good relationships through communication. Finally, he leaves us with a plea to consider the child’s relationship with their tutor. This episode is informative, educational, and inspirational and is not one to be missed so tune in now!


Key Points From This Episode:


  • Welcoming our guest, Nathaniel Dolquist, and hearing about the hardest class he ever took. 
  • A brief overview of Nathaniel’s background as a performer and how he became a tutor. 
  • How Nathaniel became a successful tutor and started his company. 
  • The first rule he made when he started his tutoring company: tutors set their own rates.
  • How therapy helped Nathaniel value himself and change his life. 
  • What Nathaniel loves about being an entrepreneur and why he couldn’t work a W2 job again. 
  • The importance of charisma and what we believe it to be. 
  • How self-discipline sets you free. 
  • Nathaniel explains what executive function is and how it affects his work. 
  • Why covid showed us that there is a different way to get things done. 
  • Why Nathaniel is selective about the clients he takes on. 
  • Nathaniel walks us through the process of finding service through his company.
  • How Nathaniel creates good relationships with his clients. 
  • What he is offering for the internet and where you can find it. 
  • The importance of taking the child’s relationship with the tutor into consideration. 




“You can get paid vastly different amounts for the exact same job depending on where you are.” — @ndolquist [0:04:12]


“I don’t want any of this nastiness that I encountered with any of the other tutoring companies I used to work for. So, I decided to develop a company that I would want to work for.” — @ndolquist [0:09:18]


“My life has completely changed because I started valuing myself and my services differently.” — @ndolquist [0:11:40]


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Nathaniel DolquistProfile Photo

Nathaniel Dolquist

CEO/Head Tutor

Hey there! I'm Nathaniel, creator and host of the Top Tutor Podcast. I've been tutoring students in NYC and LA since I graduated from Yale in 2015, and own a tutoring company called Grove Prep. I used to tutor privately with no business infrastructure, but over the past year got serious about automation, scaling, and getting help for my weaknesses. My income doubled in 12 months.

Some of my students work with me for years, some for a few weeks. I've helped them learn fractions, study for the SAT/ACT, and put together their college admissions essays. When a family asks me to teach a subject I'm not familiar with, I call on some of the tutors who work for Grove Prep to help out.

I believe that students need more than a textbook to learn: they need meaningful connections with their teachers, who honor them as human beings. I believe that helping students overcome fear of failure, fear of not being enough, and fear of not meeting expectations is more important than precalculus could ever be. Through my teaching, I aim to make the world a better place by helping students learn to identify their emotions around learning and set them on a course of self-mastery in whatever field or life path they choose.