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Alyssa Marshall


Alyssa Marshall is the cofounder of Owwlish, a software as a service (SAAS) that helps non-technical creators embed awesome-looking online courses into their own websites without the help of a developer.

Having received her DDS in both South Korea and the United States, Alyssa practiced dentistry before becoming an entrepreneur. In 2013, she created an educational hub providing online courses and remote training for dentists all around the world looking to take their careers to the next level. This venture led to her retiring as a dentist at age 31.

As a non-technical course creator, Alyssa grew frustrated with the various technical challenges of hosting a thriving online course community. The constant back and forth with developers just to make simple changes combined with the complexity of maintaining a whole separate course website led to her and her partner, Kevin, developing their own custom course platform, which eventually became Owwlish.

Alyssa has two beautiful daughters with her husband, Kevin, and lives in a sleepy mountain town in Arizona. She's a Jiujiteira, coffee snob, and an avid listener of podcasts and audiobooks.

Online Classes,  Your Website and Entrepreneurship featuring Alyssa Marshall with Owwlish
March 16, 2023

Online Classes, Your Website and Entrepreneurship featuring Alyssa M…

Tune in as we are joined by Alyssa Marshall of Owwlish to discuss the importance of pursuing one's passions and how no-code tools can help individuals invest in their passions without having to worry about the technical aspec...

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