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Dr. Amy Sarow

Doctor of Audiology

Dr. Amy Sarow is a Michigan-based audiologist, blogger, and Forbes Health Advisory Board member on a mission to improve hearing healthcare. She obtained her Doctor of Audiology at the University of Iowa and spent her 4th-year residency at the Mayo Clinic School of Health Sciences. Her work has been featured on KevinMD, Health Hearing, Authority Magazine, and the nationally-syndicated Price of Business show. The pandemic recently highlighted the importance of hearing healthcare on overall health and well-being. Hearing shapes how we perceive the world, and mask-wearing presented a challenge for many with hearing loss. Dr. Sarow aims to help raise awareness about the 1 in 10 Americans who suffer from hearing loss and millions who suffer from tinnitus. Her course on tinnitus management supports tinnitus sufferers to improve quality of life through stress reduction, mindfulness, and lifestyle modification.

Dec. 15, 2022

OTC Hearing Aids & Audiology feat. Dr. Amy Sarow with Matrix Providers

Hearing loss is not usually something you think about until you have to. And, along with the emotional pressure of it all, there comes financial and medical pressure too. Dr. Amy Sarow is an audiologist running her own clinic...

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