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March 2, 2023

Hypnotherapy & Past Lives to Heal: Part 2 feat. Kristine Ovsepian with Journeys to Heal

Hypnotherapy & Past Lives to Heal: Part 2 feat. Kristine Ovsepian with Journeys to Heal

How much do we truly know about hypnosis? Should hypnotherapy as an industry be getting more recognition as a proven method of healing? Returning to us today for part two of an intriguing conversation is the Founder of Journeys to Heal, Kristine Ovsepian. Kristine began her life’s journey in Armenia before her parents immigrated to America with hopes of a better life for her and her brother. We build on the prior episode by delving into specific treatments offered by Kristine, and asking some user submitted questions about it all.


00:00:00 The Power Of Self-talk And Creating Your Own Reality

00:06:01 Exploring The Benefits Of Changing Breathing Patterns And Laughter, And Introducing Combo On A Website

00:14:33 Discussion On The Use And Regulation Of A New Treatment Method That Cannot Be Ingested

00:20:57 Modalities To Awaken Consciousness In Life

00:26:09 Guiding And Supporting Clients In Life's Journey

00:28:34 Therapy Is Not Just For Healing Past Trauma

00:29:41 The Power Of Belief: How Our Mindset Shapes Our Experiences And Past Life Regression.

00:36:17 Hypnotherapy: A Passion Found


"That's when I [say] let your ego be set aside. Don't let it start that doubt and that illusion." - Kristine Ovsepian

"I also always tell my clients [to] go within, feel like what is your connection to this person. Do you feel your gut is twisting or do you feel your gut is telling you this is the right person. And research means research that person see if there are any reviews for them." - Kristine Ovsepian

"It's our mindset at our it's our belief system. So if a person continually repeats, they're stuck, what do you think is gonna happen? They're just gonna create scenarios and experiences that makes them feel stuck because we are our own creation and we are so powerful in our mind." - Kristine Ovsepian

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