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June 30, 2022

Personalize Your Door with Doormat Decoir feat. Alex, Lindsey & Lauren

Personalize Your Door with Doormat Decoir feat. Alex, Lindsey & Lauren

The atmosphere between today’s three guests is electric, and you’ll laugh as much during this episode as you’ll learn from it! Loren and Lindsey are the co-founders of Doormat DeCoir, and Alex is their marketing manager and social media ambassador (and their best friend). Did you know that there are 15 steps involved in making a Doormat DeCoir doormat? Yes, it’s hard work (especially when you invent your own process as they did!). But if you have a door, you need a doormat, so you might as well make it a high-quality, customized one while you’re at it. Tune in today to hear how Doormat DeCoir came into being, what sets the business apart from other doormat businesses, and the ups and downs that have come along with it!  

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The guests each share their go-to karaoke songs (and John gives us a little rendition!).
  • Loren’s first entrepreneurial venture (in second grade) and the first business that Lindsey founded.
  • The story of how Doormat DeCoir came into being.
  • Factors that differentiate these doormats from other types of doormats.
  • Why making doormats is hard work.
  • Customize your own doormat!
  • Doormat DeCoir size and price ranges.
  • Some of the biggest orders that Doormat DeCoir has received.
  • Environmentally friendly practices that Doormat DeCoir has introduced into their business.
  • Where you can buy Doormat DeCoir products and the special they are currently running.
  • How you can support Doormat DeCoir and what you’ll get in return.
  • Why Doormat DeCoir has so many repeat customers.
  • Examples of phrases people request for their doormats.
  • Doormat DeCoir’s number one selling doormat.


“What sets us apart is that we don’t paint any of our doormats.” — Alex [0:13:09]

“Doormat DeCoir went green!” — Lindsey [0:26:34]

“People learn real quick after shopping with Doormat DeCoir that it’s the perfect gift for any occasion.” — Loren [0:35:13]

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