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Jan. 12, 2023

Preparing Your Family & Finances for the Future feat. Andrew Zihmer with Zihmer Law Firm

Preparing Your Family & Finances for the Future feat. Andrew Zihmer with Zihmer Law Firm

Death often comes unexpectedly, but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare for it and ensure that your loved ones are taken care of. Today on the Small Business Origins Podcast, we are joined by the co-founder of Zihmer Law Firm, Andrew Zihmer, to discuss how he and his wife went from working for other people to founding their very own successful business. Tuning in, you’ll hear all about Andrew’s background and how that contributed to the entrepreneurial spirit he has today, his studies as an engineer and what it was like working on massive engineering projects, and what inspired him and his wife to quit their jobs and start their law firm. Being on top of life insurance and planning for accidental death is essential, and in this episode, Andrew walks us through the best time to consider Zihmer Law Firm’s services, how they can assist you, and what the process is like. Finally, we talk through a few scenarios that Andrew often sees in his line of work, and we are inspired to take action to avoid mistakes. This is an episode for everyone, so don’t miss it! 


Key Points From This Episode:


  • An introduction to today’s guest, Andrew Zihmer.
  • Why M&Ms are Andrew’s go-to candy. 
  • Andrew tells us a bit about his origin story and how he became the entrepreneur he is today. 
  • Andrew’s history as an engineer and what it was like to work on those kinds of projects. 
  • How Andrew and his wife met online in 2011 and why we miss Myspace. 
  • How Andrew moved from working for other people to working for himself.
  • Why Andrew is able to make gut-reaction decisions a lot faster now than he used to.
  • The kind of law Zihmer Law Firm practices and where they practice. 
  • Andrew tells us when to consider using their services, and he walks us through that process. 
  • The importance of making sure your life insurance is up to scratch. 
  • How tricky marriage and partnerships can be when it comes to life insurance. 
  • How Zihmer Law Firm assists the children of deceased parents when they have both passed. 




“Now, looking back, I can’t believe I delayed or had hesitations or maybe didn’t believe in myself.” — Andrew Zihmer [0:19:38]


“You can either have that life that you hate, but it’s safe, or you can take risks and live and die by your own sword. — Andrew Zihmer [0:19:53]


“Every day is a gift. Tomorrow isn’t a guarantee.” — Andrew Zihmer [0:37:41]


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Andrew ZihmerProfile Photo

Andrew Zihmer

Vice President

My wife and I manage and own Zihmer Law Firm. She's the legal brains and vision, I figure out how to get there, bring in more clients, and become more profitable. This started as an idea ($150k annual revenue) and has grown to a million dollar business ($1.2MM) in 5 years.

But before all of this, I was an engineer and manager at Northrop Grumman, Rolls-Royce, and Bechtel. I had...for lack of better words...what a lot of people *think* that they want. I solved unique problems, worked at large companies that had a great mission and vision, nice pay, awesome benefits, and 5 weeks of PTO.

There was a problem: I hated everything about it.

It is HARD to leave a job for the unknown whether it is a career change, to become an entrepreneur, or to go back to school. I would know!

On the personal front - I work with my wife and we have two wonderful children (ages 3 and 6). We love RV-ing and make between 10 and 15 trips per year...we work hard AND play hard! I really enjoy the outdoors, so camping, hiking, and fishing gets a lot of my attention. I don't hunt as much anymore as I would like, but hoping to get back into it in the coming years.

I have two dogs, Charlie (a rescue) and Maverick (a German Shepherd). In Maverick's more active days, we competed in Schutzhund / IPO - so I know a few things about training dogs. The sport was everything from obedience (heeling off leash, agility/obstacles, retrieving), tracking (he can track a person that walked through a field and find what you dropped!), and protection (his favorite thing to do is chase "bad guys").

I enjoy craft beer, whiskey, and red wine. Most evenings and weekend mornings have meals cooked on my Blackstone. When I have true "down time" with no agenda, I'm either relaxing with a movie or on my PC playing Microsoft Flight Simulator.

My passion is around helping others determine what they want to do, and then how to be wildly successful at it. For a podcast, I love to share what I've learned, to help motivate listeners to take the next steps on their adventure, and to give ideas on scaling and growing businesses. On the flip side, I can talk about the most impactful books that I've read, my favorite meals to cook, and the ins and outs of towing a 14,000lb camper. If that feels like a fit then I would love the opportunity to be a guest on your podcast!