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Nov. 11, 2021

Retirement Planning and Advising with SOS Preserving Your Money feat. Troy Yeaple

Retirement Planning and Advising with SOS Preserving Your Money feat. Troy Yeaple

What does your dream retirement look like? Sipping Piña Coladas on a beach sounds great, but for the average American, planning for retirement can be a daunting task that many people put off for later. Never fear, your friendly retirement planner Troy Yeaple is here! In this episode of The Beef Podcast, we chat with Troy about his family-run retirement planning company, and he shares some motivating ways to get more bang for your hard-won buck during this time. Troy gives us actionable advice and top tips to securing your future so that your money kicks in at the right time, and highlights the common mistakes that people make. Many people are focused on growth and yield, but today we are warned against overlooking the importance of timing, and the 3 biggest drains: health, tax, and social security. Using simple language and real-world examples to walk us through what to expect during your golden years, he also talks us through his pressure-free process of meeting and helping clients. From the difference between a broker-dealer and an investment advisor, to the importance of getting the proper guidance for long-term planning, Troy is there to help you, no matter how little or much money you have to get started. All that he cares about is getting you started as soon as possible. I loved speaking to him today and learned so much, press play and join in this crucial conversation! 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • We talk about balancing planning and spontaneity, and what Troy does in his spare time.
  • A bit about Troy's background and his journey to becoming an entrepreneur.
  • His wife does the medicare and social security side of things, and he focuses on retirement planning.
  • Retirement planning is about so much more than just growth and yield. 
  • Focusing on yield can distract you from planning for the biggest drains: health, inflation, and taxes.
  • Troy explains how you want to time your assets to work along with your social security
  • Talking about his target customer age, and how different ages will have different benefits.
  • 10 years from retirement is the Red Zone.
  • Troy made a decision to help anyone, no matter how little money you have to start.
  • Talking through his pressure-free process with meeting and helping clients.
  • Being completely independent, and what they can help you invest in – which is basically everything.
  • Some transparent communication about how the company makes money.
  • The difference between a broker-dealer and an investment advisor.
  • A call to action to start as soon as possible, this is one area where planning is everything. 


“Not planning well ahead for your retirement can leave your retirement wanting, and you just don't want to struggle in retirement. It's not the time in your life you want to do any struggling.” — [0:04:00]

“Retirement planning is more than just making as much money as you possibly can without losing it, and that's what a lot of retirement advisors out there are [advising].” — [0:10:35]

“If somebody is over the age of 55, we have a social security discussion. A serious one.” — [0:12:32]

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Phone number: 281 255 3752

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