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Nov. 1, 2021

Scaling Your Business with Guardian Business Group feat. Jeremy Angus

Scaling Your Business with Guardian Business Group feat. Jeremy Angus

At some point or another, all businesses will need help scaling. While it is fine to go at it alone, there are some experts that can help you minimize the growing pains and ensure that your transitions are smooth. Guardian Business Group (GBG) is a consultancy that looks to partner with small businesses and helps them strengthen all areas from finance to marketing to ensure that scaling is as smooth as can be. Jeremy Angus of GBG joins us today to share some pertinent insights. We hear about Jeremy’s colorful journey and how he came to be an entrepreneur. Despite having the entrepreneurial spirit, going out on his own was not Jeremy’s initial choice, but when he finally went for it, he knew it was the right decision. We learn more about what GBG does, the clients they serve, and the various services the consultancy offers. Jeremy understands the power of small business, and his passion is contagious. Tune in to hear it all!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The most famous person Jeremy has ever met.
  • Jeremy’s journey, his blindness diagnosis, and how he became an entrepreneur.
  • Insights into Jeremy’s first business and what he learned from this.
  • The gap Guardian Business Group is looking to fill.
  • Some of the interesting ways people have come to find Guardian Business Group.
  • Guardian Business Group’s main type of customers.
  • The three tiers of services Guardian Business Group offers.
  • Not all services should be cheap; you get what you pay for.
  • How being on a cloud system has helped the business.
  • What you can do to support Guardian Business Group.


“There’s so much business to go around. I just feel like small business forgets that it’s the most powerful business in the world.” — Jeremy Angus [0:17:57]

“Our main flagship is scaling.” — Jeremy Angus [0:23:45]

“One of our company mottos is that if we make a mistake and it costs you money, we have to pay.” — Jeremy Angus [0:31:20]

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