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Jan. 27, 2022

Sculpting Passion into Entrepreneurship with Art by Hannah Maria

Sculpting Passion into Entrepreneurship with Art by Hannah Maria

The creative journey can be one of many twists and turns, and the courage to pursue our dreams can sometimes be tested. Today on The Beef, we are joined by Hannah Maria, of Art by Hannah Maria and Hannah Go Beep, to talk about her creative spirit, business, and how she turned one into the other! Hannah shares loads of great reflections and insight into her path so far, talking about her decisions after school, the best steps she took, and what her business looks like today. For anyone wanting to get an insider's view on how to turn a passion into a business, this episode is jam-packed with value, with comments on how to deal with challenging clients, the benefits of multiple areas of interest, and the importance of community and networking. So to hear it all from our great guest, be sure to listen in!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The three phone apps that Hannah would keep above all others.
  • Hannah's background, and the range of creative mediums she works in!  
  • The learning curve that Hannah embarked upon after school and her need to learn and earn. 
  • Hannah's commitment to approachability and affordability with her work.  
  • Unpacking Hannah's business and how she typically goes about communicating with customers.  
  • The decision to settle in Tomball, Texas and what inspired this change for Hannah. 
  • Steps in the process of turning art into a full-time, successful job. 
  • Hannah's DIY attitude to figuring things out and researching her way to success. 
  • Challenges with difficult clients and how Hannah manages these situations.   
  • Recent art shows that Hannah is involved in and where to see her work in person! 
  • Support for the burgeoning art community in Tomball, Texas.
  • How the pandemic and lockdown impacted Hannah's process.  
  • Hannah unpacks her style; bold, dramatic, whimsical, colorful, and more!  
  • How to support Hannah and her work, and why simple gestures can go a long way. 


“If it's pretty, I will figure out how to make it for you.” — Hannah Maria [0:07:35]

“I needed to be working while I was learning and I ended up finding a graphic design studio, and I just walked in with drawings!” — Hannah Maria [0:08:44]

“If I am having issues with the really creative side of painting and illustrating, I can switch over to that analytical brain with the computer work.” — Hannah Maria [0:26:22]

“If it makes you happy, that's all that matters.” — Hannah Maria [0:41:06]

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