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Feb. 9, 2023

Skateboarding and Entrepreneurship: Insights From a Business Broker feat. Joseph Pergolizzi with Website Closers

Skateboarding and Entrepreneurship: Insights From a Business Broker feat. Joseph Pergolizzi with Website Closers

One of the most crucial stages of entrepreneurship is having a clear exit strategy in place once your business is booming. Synonymous with the way you’d use a realtor to help sell your house, a business broker is just as effective when it comes to selling your business! Joining us today is entrepreneur extraordinaire and business broker on, Joseph Pergolizzi. After telling us what holds him back from starting his days with tequila, Joseph gives us his personal account of how he grew up, how BMX Plus! Magazine changed his life, and how he began his entrepreneurial journey. We examine the paradox of starting a business and losing your passion for it, why Joseph believes in karma, and how this outlook has made him successful, as well as how you can tell when it’s time to plan for your company’s acquisition. After sharing the three-step process he uses to help his clients, Joseph explains why he loves his work and offers some advice for savvy entrepreneurs who also want a chance at cutting a six-figure deal. We also end with a quick analysis of the incredible influence that the skateboarding industry has had on modern culture. There is so much to learn in this truly fascinating conversation. Tune in and enjoy the ride!


Key Points From This Episode:


•   Introducing serial entrepreneur and marketing guru, Joseph Pergolizzi.

•   Why having work to do is the only thing preventing Joseph from starting his days with tequila.

•   Joseph’s personal story: his childhood, BMX Plus!, and how he got into entrepreneurship.

•   Why he’ll never forget the 16th of November, 1994.

•   How the obligations of starting a business can douse your initial passion for it.

•   Joseph’s belief in karma and how it helped shape his success.

•   Why he started working with and how it works for his clients.

•   How you can tell when it’s time to develop an exit strategy for your business.

•   The three-step process that Joseph uses to help his clients sell their businesses.

•   Why Joseph loves the work that he does.

•   His $90 million deal and some advice for budding entrepreneurs. 

•   The rise of the skateboarding industry and how it has influenced modern culture.




“You have to walk through open doors. Don’t try and force something good to happen. As long as you’re active, as long as you’re in the game, there are going to be open doors.” — @Joeperg [0:07:18]


“When I first opened [my store], I had no idea I was going to fall in love with snowboarding. I just had this vision that I wanted to create a cool place for kids to go and hang out after school. I wanted to create a sense of community.” — @Joeperg [0:14:22]


“If you are truly aligned with doing good work in the world, things will pay off. I undoubtedly believe that. It’s an unshakable truth of mine.” — @Joeperg [0:15:04]


“When you work so hard at something, you have a sense of dignity. That can’t ever be shaken.” — @Joeperg [0:35:31]


“If you’re a hard-working entrepreneur, and you know how to build relationships and value resources, and you are humble and curious, you’ll be successful. You don’t need to go to business school to crush it.” — @Joeperg [0:37:30]


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Joseph Pergolizzi


I started my first business at the ripe age of 21 years old. For the past 25yrs all I've ever known is entrepreneurship. All 3 of my businesses have been bootstrapped, and I exited each of them. From brick and mortar business, ecomm business (Amazon) to a 400 franchisee business that spanned over across 5 countries. I’ve done strategic work for Airbnb and Burton. All told I’ve worked with over 1,000 entrepreneurs start, scale, exit and buy businesses. From first timers all the way up to Steve Jobs and his executive team. I have a real estate portfolio and invest in early stage companies.