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May 25, 2023

The Importance Of Humility And Strong Teams In Entrepreneurship feat. Kevin Sherman with Tractor Beverage Company

The Importance Of Humility And Strong Teams In Entrepreneurship feat. Kevin Sherman with Tractor Beverage Company
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In this episode, we learn all about Kevin Sherman, CEO of Tractor Beverage Company, as he discusses his experience working in the beverage industry, including creating the first sugar-free beverage for children at a previous company. Listen to his journey to becoming a board member and eventually CEO of Tractor Beverage Company, an organic non-GMO beverage company founded by three entrepreneurs, one of whom is a farmer with a talent for developing and designing beverages. The founders showed humility in recognizing their lack of experience in the industry and bringing on the speaker to help execute their vision. The company aims to provide healthier options for consumers, particularly in restaurants, universities, hospital systems, and corporate settings. They prioritize label transparency and avoiding preservatives but do not offer sugar-free options due to difficulties in making them taste good without harmful substitutes.




00:06:00 Entrepreneur's Origin Story: Overcoming Adversity Through Business

00:12:55 Organic Non-GMO Beverages With No Preservatives And No Sugar-free Option

00:17:03 The Founders' Humility In Recruiting An Experienced Management Team For Their Beverage Company.

00:23:49 Importance Of A Strong Team For Company Success

00:26:35 The Virtue Of Justice In Entrepreneurship

00:33:25 Commitment And Fortitude In Entrepreneurship And Small Business Ownership

00:36:03 Support For Small Businesses And Entrepreneurs



"We're the only ones doing completely organic non GMO. Complete label transparency. No preservatives in there." - Kevin Sherman

"Look, the founders and I, and again, I go back to this because I think it's really important for everyone to hear on this, especially from an entrepreneurial standpoint, you can have the best idea in the world, but you've got to possess the humility to bring in the right people and the right team because you can have the best idea." - Kevin Sherman



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Kevin ShermanProfile Photo

Kevin Sherman


Kevin Sherman is the Chief Executive Officer of Tractor Beverage Company, the first and only certified organic, non-GMO beverage company dedicated to the foodservice industry. Sherman has spent nearly 15 years in the food and beverage industry, working with companies like BAZI International, True Drinks, Proximus Tequila and River Nutrirtion Brands before joining the Tractor team in 2015. Tractor’s handcrafted drinks feature agua frescas, lemonades, teas and premium craft sodas with clean ingredients that deliver on taste and functionality.