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April 13, 2023

The Secrets to Success: Jeeping, Entrepreneurship, and Podcasting featuring Matson Breakey with MetalCloak

The Secrets to Success: Jeeping, Entrepreneurship, and Podcasting featuring Matson Breakey with MetalCloak
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In this episode, we speak with Matson Breakey to discuss his experience building a customer list for Metal Cloak and promoting it through various channels, the importance of consistency in marketing & podcasting and compare it to the world of television, where getting to 100 episodes leads to syndication. He shares his personal experience with finding ways to make money on the side, including doing beer festivals, music festivals, and conferences for the city, his background as an artist and how he got into graphic design at a young age. Matson also shares how he learned how to sell from working at service stations and how that skill has helped him in his entrepreneurial endeavors. Finally, he shares an interesting story about how the Brew Fest led him to his current position at MetalCloak and his love for off-roading and putting customers first in the business.


00:00:00 Podcast Host Talks About Being A Guest On Other Shows

00:08:48 The Importance Of Consistency In Podcasting And Building A Customer Base

00:11:25 Icebreaker: The Perfect Alarm To Get You Out Of Bed

00:14:56 Struggling To Wake Up: Juggling Alarms And Productivity For A Busy Dad

00:16:32 The Importance Of Music Playlists For Productivity And Focus In Different Settings.

00:19:11 Entrepreneur's Origin Story: From Artist To Businessman

00:24:06 Building A Graphic Design Business From Home

00:25:29 Balancing Freelancing And Building A Company: One Man's Experience

00:27:37 How Brew Fest Led To Metal Cloak Business And Love For Off-roading

00:38:46 Achieving Durability And Versatility In Off-road Vehicles

00:43:22 Importance Of Confidence In Off-roading And Maintaining Daily Life

00:46:48 The Importance Of Off-road Etiquette And Technology In The Jeeping Community

00:48:19 Skills Day: Helping Each Other In Times Of Peril

00:50:58 Launching Skills Day To Educate Buyers On Proper Use Of Vehicles

00:52:54 Discussion On Capable Trucks And Metal Cloak For Jeeps

01:04:26 Becoming A Successful Consultant: The Benefits And Growth Of Consulting Others' Ideas

01:07:22 Leaders Should Be Consultants, Not Micromanagers

01:11:19 Leadership And Problem Solving Techniques For Entrepreneurs

01:12:56 Trusting Employees To Make Decisions




“So all the way through my um my adult life, it was just trying to find ways of making money on the side doing things, not really trying to build a company as much as just being myself my freelancer. And of course, that was the downfall is that it was just me. If I stopped working. If I needed to go on vacation someplace for two weeks, there was no money coming in because I was the guy heading everything up. I was the creative side of it.” – Matson Breakey


“I learned how to sell from service stations, really learning how to sell, walking up to somebody and saying: “Hey, I like your car. Let me look under the hood”. Selling oil filters and air filters. I mean that was just the origin of those little things you learn in life.” – Matson Breakey

“I think we forget as leaders that were supposed to be consultants. That's what we do for our employees. It's not to micromanage them and tell them: “Hey, do XYZ.” It's to tell them: “Hey, I'm expecting X Y and Z to happen, however you're gonna get that job done.” That's what I pay you for.” – John Kelley


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Matson BreakeyProfile Photo

Matson Breakey

Co-Founder | EVP Marketing & Sales

Recovering Graphic Designer, Budding Adventurer, Serial Entrepreneur and Father Forever-In-Training.

Matson is the Co-Founder and EVP in charge of all things Marketing & Sales at Armored Works, LLC, the parent company of Off-Road Focused aftermarket automotive brands Metalcloak, RockSport and Adventure Rack Systems.

Prior to joining the Metalcloak team on January 5, 2009, Matson did everything he could to avoid holding a real job including freelance graphic design, government consulting, and founding the world famous West Coast Brew Fest and Northern California Blues Festival.

Along the way Matson dabbled and experimented with many different ventures from teaching Western Business practices while living in Japan to founding a Non-Profit WNBA Farm Team called The Legends to Political Consulting to Hangover Prevention (and the list goes on.)

Matson resides in Northern California with four dogs, two cats, three kiddos ages 6, 5 and 3, and his extremely forgiving wife of 12 years.