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May 4, 2023

The Value of Networking and Talent Acquisition for Business feat. Jacob Darr with Talent Acquisition Blueprint

The Value of Networking and Talent Acquisition for Business feat. Jacob Darr with Talent Acquisition Blueprint
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In this episode of Small Business Origins, we interview Jacob Darr with Talent Acquisition Blueprint, a leading recruiting firm that helps companies find top talent. Jacob shares his journey from working in a job he loved but that didn't fulfill his needs, to starting his own business in North Carolina. Discover the ins and outs of executive-level recruitment, the importance of investing in top talent, and the various services they offer. Learn how Jacob utilizes metrics to improve the sales curve, the power of networking, and the role of his podcast in connecting with new people. Don't miss this insightful episode packed with valuable advice for entrepreneurs!


00:01:02 - Icebreaker: What is your favorite seasoning?

00:06:51 - Executive Level Recruitment Process

00:08:45 - Outbound Marketing Strategy: Pounding The Pavement To Bring In Clients

00:10:52 - Understanding When To Work With A Talent Agency

00:16:55 - Metrics: The Obsession That Changed Our Sales Curve

00:20:52 - Investing In Top Talent For Business Growth

00:23:39 - Coaching And Training Services Offered Alongside Talent Acquisition Blueprint Book

00:27:44 - Networking For Career Help And Future Realizations


"Most people hate metrics and they hate data. We're so obsessed with it that what changed our business and on the sales curve is metrics. " - Jacob Darr

"So really, when we get involved, our fees are all water under the bridge because I'm not bringing you someone who's probably gonna be good. I'm bringing you an F'n rock star who's done this and who's gonna build your business out." - Jacob Darr

"Contacts equals contracts. That means a lot." - Jacob Darr


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Jacob DarrProfile Photo

Jacob Darr

Founder/ Author/ Speaker/ Coach

Who Is Jacob Darr?

Corporate Talent Acquisition Coach. Executive Talent Acquisition. Trainer. Speaker. Employer Branding, & Succession Planning.
For over two decades, Jacob Darr has been a leading figure in the recruiting industry. After years spent working for Private Equity, buying companies, assessing talent, replacing talent with the best available talent, he opened his own outside recruiting firm, Jacob Darr Associates.

Today, Jacob specializes in helping companies create efficient and effective recruiting processes. He is passionate about making sure that companies have the resources they need to attract and retain top talent. He is also a passionate advocate for succession planning practices, which he sees as essential for any organization looking to build a sustainable future.

Jacob has a deep understanding of the recruiting landscape. He knows what it takes to build a successful team, and he is always looking for ways to help companies improve their recruiting practices. He is committed to helping companies find the best candidates for their open positions. He also works hard to ensure that all candidates have a positive experience during the hiring process.