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Aug. 11, 2022

Veteran Transitions with Fly Through It featuring Anthony Robinson

Veteran Transitions with Fly Through It featuring Anthony Robinson

Readjusting to life as a veteran comes with a host of practical challenges. After finding solace in learning to fly, Anthony Robinson decided to pay forward the favor to others making the transition. Thus, Fly Through It was born. Join us today as Anthony shares his vision for Fly Through It, and how it has already begun to unfold with them including taking on their very first client, a high profile veteran. Hear about the application process, and the costs involved in getting folks their pilot’s licenses, as well as the problem of funding and raising capital to service more individuals on their journey to flight. Anthony also shares the story of his wife’s uncle, who taught him to fly and left him his pool service business, and tells us why his goal for his sons is for them to supersede his own success in life. Join us today to hear all this and more from this inspiring guest. 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Ice breaker question: which of your life’s tasks would you hand off to someone else?
  • An introduction to Anthony Robinson, director at Fly Through It. 
  • How flying planes helped Anthony to readjust to life as a veteran.
  • The story of how he started Fly Through it with his business partner, Nick. 
  • Their first client, who happens to be a high profile veteran. 
  • Plans for a fundraiser in the first weekend of November. 
  • Their commitment to never take on a candidate they can’t fund to the finish line.
  • What the application process looks like and who they are trying to reach.
  • The cost of putting someone through the process: $7500.
  • Why they are seeking funding to serve more veterans seeking to explore flying.
  • Why Anthony’s goal is to keep working a day job to fund his hobbies.
  • His pool company, Southern Pool Service, and the commercial maintenance and repair they do.
  • The story of Anthony’s wife’s uncle who left him the business and taught him to fly.
  • His goal for his sons.
  • The fundraising raffle they are hosting to give away a $150 000 airplane.


“Getting to fly airplanes gave me something to focus on, it gave me something to struggle with, something to learn. I always wanted to provide that to other veterans.” — Anthony Robinson [0:12:15]

“If aviation is your passion, and it is truly something you think will improve your life, then we want to talk to you.” — Anthony Robinson [0:19:08]

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