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Building a Business from the Ground Up with Torque Tools Feat. Chris Gulitti

Welcome to another episode of The Beef! With us today, we have Chris Gulitti from Torque Tools. A fast-growing business with the customer service ethic of a mom and pop shop, Torque Tools caters to a huge variety of industrial businesses in Texas and beyond. During our conversation with Chris, he reveals the nuts and bolts of the day-to-day operations of the business, where he offers sales, service, rental, calibration, tool repair, and more. Hear what sets Torque Tools apart and the story of how it has grown into a flourishing business, thriving through the pandemic and building a strong team of employees with amazing buy-in to the business. For all this and so much more, make sure not to miss our discussion with Chris Gulitti from Torque Tools!

Key Points From This Episode:

An icebreaker question for Chris Gulitti: what’s the grossest thing he’s ever eaten?
Chris tells us a bit about himself and his business, Torque Tools.
Distribution points and locations that Torque Tools operates out of.
How Chris constantly engages in business from his home office with his wife.
The story of how his wife left a very good position to be a salesman in his business.
Why the pandemic led to really good sales for plastic.
The coolest thing Chris has seen his products used in: Hoover Dam.
Why his industry is so unique.
What Torque Tools offers: sales, service, rental, calibration, tool repair, and more!
How customer service sets Torque Tools apart from other businesses.
Why Chris believes you have to have buy-in from your employees.
How you can get involved by recommending Torque Tools to anyone who might need them.
How to support them by liking and sharing their content on social media.


“You gotta give it 100 percent effort. If you give it half effort, you’re going to get half a result.” — Chris Gulitti [0:10:42]

“It’s a unique business to be in. You’re never doing the same thing every day. I’ve climbed wind towers in the morning and been on a railroad in the afternoon.” — Chris Gulitti [0:17:25]

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