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#EconDevWeek: A Look Into Strategic Planning & Community Growth, ft. Kelly & Tiffani w/ Tomball EDC

Join us for a Tomball EDC update for #econdevweek and as we discuss economic development with Kelly and Tiffani, as well as their experiences working in economic development and the importance of growth and progress for a city. They mention their organization's annual report and conferences, as well as the challenges of balancing progress with citizen concerns. They emphasize the importance of supporting small businesses and having a local presence. We also talk about specific assets in the City of Tomball, such as downtown infrastructure and the Depot. Learn why you should by into the excitement about their work and the opportunities for growth in any region by partnering with an economic development organization in your area.


00:05:40 Icebreaker: What is your most used phone app?

00:09:23 Reflecting On A Crazy And Exciting Journey: From The Beef Podcast to Small Business Origins.

00:12:57 Relocating To Be Closer To Family And Looking For A Job, the Origins of Our Guests.

00:20:06 Providing Business Resources For Community Growth And Support

00:23:13 The Importance Of Entrepreneurial Support: Grants, Advice, And Connections.

00:25:52 Economic Development Organizations Vs Chambers Of Commerce

00:28:09 Community Spirit And Local Attractions In Small Town Living

00:35:44 Emulating Big Businesses: Utilizing The Same Resources

00:36:49 Creating An Identity For An Economic Development Organization

00:40:08 Partnership For More Public Parking Spaces

00:43:36 Annual Evaluation Of Strategic Plan With Board And Stakeholders.

00:47:05 The Impact Of An EDO On Regional Growth And Funding Focus.

00:48:41 Balancing Growth And Control In The City

00:54:01 Overview Of Conferences And Reports By Economic Development Organization (EDO)

00:57:34 The Rise Of Podcasting As A Tool For Economic Development Education

01:01:46 Small Business Owners Share Their Stories And Express Gratitude To Listeners.


"Those two things [to] me is what hits home, we are a business resource to help [businesses], whether they are looking at coming into our community, we are [also] a business resource for our existing businesses, primarily." - Tiffani Wooten

“[It’s] always a challenge because like I said, we’re trying to kind of balance the attraction of new businesses and also making sure that doesn’t have a negative impact on existing businesses and also making sure that doesn’t have a negative impact on existing businesses, or our community in some way. Whether that be an environmental impact, or you name it.” - Kelly Violette

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