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Faith in Podcast Networking with Spark Media feat. Misty & Peter

One great, long-lasting positive impact of the global pandemic is the ever-increasing influence of podcasting in modern culture. Today on The Beef we are joined by the owners of Spark Media, Misty and Peter Phillip. The dynamic duo walk us through their backgrounds and tells us how they became business owners before discussing who Spark media is and what they do as a company. We talk about the intimacy of podcasts, consistency, and passion as podcasting essentials, the vast and winding road of podcast analytics, and what it is like being at the forefront of faith-based podcasts. We learn all about Spark Media’s service offerings, their ideal client and preferred ecosystem, and Misty’s ability to build and sustain relationships. Spark Media sets its foundation upon Biblical principles, but everyone is welcome, as they also cover many secular topics in their podcasts. We wrap up by coming to understand that the pandemic was a huge wake-up call for mental health awareness and that podcasts can be a great conduit for healing. Be sure not to miss this fun, informative, and inspirational conversation with Misty and Peter Phillip!

Key Points From This Episode:

A warm welcome to today’s guests, Misty and Peter Phillip of Spark Media.
Discussing social media as the ultimate time-waster.
Misty and Phillip’s backgrounds and how they ended up being entrepreneurs.
The intimacy of podcasts.
Spark Media: who they are as a company and what they do.
Being a frontrunner of faith-based podcasts.
Why consistency and passion are two non-negotiables for a successful podcast.
The rabbit hole of podcast analytics.
The different services found at Spark Media, from a magazine to online courses.
Spark Media’s ideal client and their preferred ecosystem.
Misty’s ability to build relationships and form partnerships.
Their Guinness World Record for the largest online podcast conference.
Differences between a faith-based network and a Christian network.
A biblical worldview as Spark Media’s foundation.
COVID as a wake-up call for mental health awareness.
Podcasting as a way of providing healing.


“As a person of faith, I prayed, and I heard God say, ‘Podcast conference,’ when I asked, ‘Where does my gifting and my calling lineup in this next season?’ And I realized no one was serving Christian podcasters.” —@mistyphillip [0:09:40]

“It takes consistency. You just have to show up every week. You have to promote [your podcast], you have to tell people about it or they won’t listen.” —@mistyphillip [0:12:06]

“We just love to help people on their journey. We don’t turn people away from our conferences if they don’t believe the way that we do. I just want them to know that we’re going to start in prayer, we’re going to worship.” —@mistyphillip [0:25:02]

“I think podcasting, for us, was really great, because not only were we podcasting throughout the pandemic, we were also helping other people to get their voice and message out.” —@mistyphillip [0:26:44]

“Podcasting became the new pulpit. When people couldn’t go to church, they could still listen to a podcast.” —@mistyphillip [0:29:05]

“If you have five listeners, you don’t know how important what you do is to one of those five people. If you create a show for one person every time, you’re going to meet the needs of many, many people.” —@peterphillip [0:32:34]

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