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Women in Business with HER Mindset Matters REI feat. Misty Hassenstab

Working endless hours can be demoralizing in any situation. But when you go from working for someone else, and feeling like a cog in a machine, to becoming your own boss, it can have a life-changing impact. Today on the show we welcome Misty Hassenstab, Founder of HER Mindset Matters, a coaching program and community that empowers female real estate investors by helping them cut through the noise and take action so that they can achieve the results they deserve. Tuning in you’ll hear Misty share the details of her entrepreneurship journey, how she founded HER Mindset Matters, and why she has such a deep-seated passion for helping others. We unpack the difficult transition from working for someone else to working for yourself, how to shift your perception, and why it’s so important to develop a CEO mindset when you’re an entrepreneur. Misty also explains why she will always have a coach, the importance of finding one who shares your values, and what you can expect from her coaching program. To learn more about coaching, the CEO mindset, and being an entrepreneur, make sure you tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

A warm welcome to today’s guest, Misty Hassentab.
Misty shares the details of her favorite travel destination.
Learn about Misty and her husband’s entrepreneurship journey.
Misty and her husband’s background in construction.
Misty’s love of helping people and how she discovered her passion for coaching.
How Misty started HER Mindset Matters with the help of her coach.
The value of investing in an entrepreneurship coach.
How to integrate coaching with other forms of education, like college.
The CEO Mindset and why you need to learn how to implement it.
The struggle that women still face in attaining an entrepreneurial mindset.
Learn about the services that Misty and HER Mindset Matters have on offer.
Why Misty wanted to create a more intimate coaching program.
A breakdown of what you can expect from Misty’s coaching services.
The importance of a healthy money mindset and why Misty includes it in her program.
Learn how you can get in touch with Misty and follow her online.


“We got sick of working for other people. Climbing the corporate ladder, working a bazillion hours, we still work a bazillion hours, but it's so different when it's for yourself.” — Misty Hassenstab [0:12:20]

“I had so many women coming to me asking me how I was building this business. And I was kind of coaching, but I didn't have a coaching program. I didn't have any of that. And I loved it. I loved helping these women.” — Misty Hassenstab [0:13:43]

“When people ask me what's the biggest struggle that you faced, or that you see your clients face, it's always the transition from working for somebody to working for yourself.” — Misty Hassenstab [0:22:02]

“We go through an eight-week program where we literally determine what type of investor you want to be. We build a business plan. We launch marketing campaigns, we talk to sellers, we're going through deal analysis. We go through everything.” — Misty Hassenstab [0:31:25]

“The client is what we create the program around. And so a lot of my coaching clients will actually go through the eight-week program, and then work one on one with me to take their business to the next level.” — Misty Hassenstab [0:36:13]

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