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Nov. 1, 2021

Fitness Support and Motivation with 48 STR8 feat. John Chambliss

Fitness Support and Motivation with 48 STR8 feat. John Chambliss

Gyms were some of the hardest-hit businesses during the height of the pandemic, and staying afloat for many was not easy. Through building a strong, tight-knit, and supportive community, John Chambliss managed to see his gym, 48 STR8, through the worst of it. In fact, the brand has come out with its own supplement line, thanks to the time John had to slow down and get things off the ground. Along with owning the 48 STR8 gym, supplement, and nutrition brand, John is also a firefighter and all-around muscle man. In this episode, John talks about how he got into training and shares his approach to building relationships with his clients. While people may come into the gym as strangers, they leave as friends, and this sets 48 STR8 apart from the rest. We talk about the pivots they made during the pandemic and the changes they have kept since. Our conversation also touches on some of the developments and challenges with the supplements arm of the brand, how to support 48 STR8, and when we can expect professional athletes and competitors to start using their products. Tune in to hear it all!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Get to know today’s guest, John Chambliss.
  • Hear about how many Pringles John has eaten in one sitting.
  • How John got into the world of fitness.
  • The importance of understanding the clients and their specific needs.
  • The horrific accident John got into and how he recovered in such a short time.
  • Services 48 STR8 offers and what separates the gym from the rest.
  • John’s approach to support and motivation.
  • How 48 STR8 survived the pandemic and the innovative pivots they made.
  • Why Covid helped the 48 STR8 brand overall.
  • Challenges with the supply chain for the supplements branch of the brand.
  • One of the funniest memories John has from the gym.
  • What the community can do to support 48 STR8.
  • The certification that 48 STR8 is in the process of getting.
  • Where you can find John and 48 STR8 online.


“The wreck saved me and it really opened my eyes on the right way to do things. It was a saving grace.” — John Chambliss [0:06:19]

“I don’t really have clients; I just have a lot of friends.” — John Chambliss [0:08:11]

“The backbone of the company is being one of the cleanest supplements you can possibly buy.” — John Chambliss [0:21:02]

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