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View of a business owner

One thing about being a business owner is the constant need to keep pushing your business out in front of people. Keeping it fresh on their minds and really delving into how your business works and what you stand for so that you can make that connection with your guest and customers or potential clients. For me, being on the podcast and having an avenue to speak to my business, speak of my family and their involvement as well as have the ability to discuss the ins and outs the average small business owner (especially a restaurant owner) was an opportunity I thought I would never have. The Beef Podcast really helped bring to light the struggles and successes that we small business owners run into through great dialogue from the host. It was this and connections mad through the podcast that had dozens of people coming in and speaking to me in my establishments about how they had heard me on the podcast. Such a great avenue for small business and a great way to build support for the communities they touch with their other business guests as well! Definitely worth the listen!

Perfect small business pod!

So informative and really fun too!


Small businesses are people’s dreams. This podcast is giving these business owners a chance to talk about their dreams and how they are making it all happen. Great content and completely engaging for any listener.

Awesome podcast!

They’re funny and all about helping small businesses! I love how they’re conversations are raw and real with the owners and not just superficial. Definitely deserve 5 stars 🙌🏽

Great way to get in touch with our community

It has been refreshing being able to hear from all of my local leaders and business owners. Getting to know their stories , struggles and wins. Motivating and informative for someone building their own business locally.

Great conversations!

I really enjoyed the natural flow of each episode. It’s like sitting in the room with the host and the guests..

Love Stories!

Business stories are the best thing in marketing!

Great Show… the host sounds hot

Great and informative show… the host keeps it entertaining and sounds pretty hot 😉


The host always keeps it entertaining yet informative. Does a great job of pulling out the good in-depth questions that most wouldn’t think to ask. I’m a fan!!

Great Podcast!

Very informative and entertaining!