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Feb. 2, 2023

Flying into The Future: Private Aircraft for Business and Pleasure feat. Travis Lamance with HavenAero

Flying into The Future: Private Aircraft for Business and Pleasure feat. Travis Lamance with HavenAero

Join us for another episode of Small Business Origins where we hear from Travis Lamance of Haven Aero. Travis explains how he moved to Pampa working on aircraft, which exposed a need in the market for booking private flights nationwide. He explains the difference between a first class ticket on a commercial airline versus a private aircraft, noting that smaller aircraft such as King Air or Citation CJ are more affordable options they offer. He also talks about customer service and how it plays into the cost analysis, as well as crowdfunded flights and open flights. Travis also discusses how they manage aircraft for corporations, providing pilot services and management services to save money for the owner. Lastly, he encourages viewers to check out Haven Aero's website for more information on booking trips and getting quotes.

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Key Points From This Episode:

• Small Business Origins: Haven Arrow Dot Com With Travis Lemon

• Building A Nationwide Business And Starting Haven Arrow

• Learning The Local Lingo: A Story Of Moving To Pampa

• Finding An Aircraft Operator In A Pilot Shortage Market

• Safety Measures In Aircraft Operation

• Hiring Private Pilots To Operate Aircraft For Owners

• The Benefits Of Private Aircraft Travel

• Limited Exposure To Luxury: A Middle-class Struggle

• Decline Of Airline Customer Service: A Growing Problem

• Crowdfunding To Fill Empty Seats On Repositioning Legs

• Cost Benefits Of Private Aircraft For Business Travel

• Time Savings Of Flying Vs. Driving


"It's the experience of riding on a private aircraft, it's exponentially better than an airline. Starting from the time you go to leave your destination and the trip planning all the way up to [landing] as well. But you know, [from the] time of departure, you don't have to go through all the, all the security lines and go through a big airport." - Travis Lamance [24:39]

"[Airlines are] dealing with pilot shortages and staffing shortages, just like every other business out there, and over the last 10 years you've really seen it in their customer service side where you know, it used to be, if they would even delay a flight, they would trip over themselves apologizing and trying to make it right and nowadays they just cancel a flight and, and wonder why you're mad and they're just, the customer service has really fallen off a cliff in my personal experience with a lot of them and we get a lot of business coming to us because people are just tired of it." - Travis Lamance [31:04]

"One thing that plays into the cost analysis whenever you're looking at it for a corporation, airlines only service about 500 airports in the United States and through private aircraft, we service about 5000 airports in the United States." - Travis Lamance [36:11]

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