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April 20, 2023

From Homemade Treats To National Delivery: The Rise of Gooey Cookies feat. Stephanie Ferreira with Halfbaked Goods

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In this episode of Small Business Origins, we talk to the founder of Half Baked Goodness, a creative cookie company known for its unique flavors and treats. As we discuss the company's online presence and its nationwide shipping options, the founder also encourages listeners to suggest new flavors. The conversation highlights the significance of homemade treats, plans to expand with more stores, and the founder's incredible dedication to the business despite a busy professional life.

Half Baked’s ideal clients are cookie lovers everywhere, and John The Marketer even shares some of his personal favorites. Beyond cookies, the company also offers cakes thanks to a talented team member.

The episode emphasizes the importance of excellent customer service, with Stephanie detailing how she includes handwritten notes in orders. We highly recommend Half Baked and urge listeners to try their cookies!



00:04:30 A Dessert Lover's Preferences And Popular Flavors

00:09:23 Half Baked Cookies Expands With Franchise Locations Across The Country

00:12:54 Assorted Desserts And Cakes At The Store, Including A Bazooka Cookie And Custom Cakes By Riley.

00:16:25 Cookie Dough Obsession And Business Venture

00:19:52 Growing Popularity Of Half Baked Stores For Homemade Treats

00:26:51 Small Business Origins Discusses How To Get Nationwide Cookie Delivery From Half Baked Goodness.




“There are customers that really like the cookies and they [were] like, hey, we want [a location here], and so I started a franchise for them because they wanted to open one in Arkansas.” – Stephanie Ferreira

“I have that same feeling where I don't mind going above and beyond for somebody in their eyes because for me, it's like, well, it didn't bother me at all. Writing the handwritten note took me two seconds, you know, you gave me three bucks for a cookie or however much they are now. And it's like, I don't care, that's fine, you know, two seconds of my time.” – Stephanie Ferreira


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