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Britta Teller, PhDProfile Photo

Britta Teller, PhD

Co-founder and Chief Sustainability Officer

Steller Floors manufactures sustainable, high quality, solid hardwood floors and leverages a patented assembly system to motivate clients to think differently about flooring and craftsmanship. With a unique ability to remove single planks from the center of the floor using a suction cup, demos of the product have gone viral on youtube, instagram and tiktok, organically earning over 10M views and engaging viewers worldwide. The flexible design of the floor has also won critical acclaim in magazines like This Old House Magazine and Fine Homebuilding. This unique cross-over in popularity between professional builders, architects and DIY homeowners is uncommon among building products and finishes.

Co-founder and Chief Sustainability Officer, Britta Teller pivoted away from her PhD-academic career in ecology and statistics to co-found Steller Floors in Tyrone, PA with her husband. She was motivated to use her husband’s patented invention to make a difference in both global climate change and in her rural Pennsylvania area. Using her analytics skills and sustainable insights, Steller Floors has been unique in providing excitement and engagement in a sector that has not seen significant innovation in over 100 years: hardwood flooring products.

Jan. 19, 2023

DIY Floors: How Steller Floors is Changing the Game feat Britta Telle…

Biology professor and hardwood floor manufacturer are careers worlds apart. So, when Britta Teller transitioned from the former to the latter in 2018 with the founding of Steller Floors, she knew it wouldn’t be easy, but as y...

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