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I started my own business as a recruiter. I have had many functional roles in my career. I started out of college as quality engineer. Then I was an assistant finance manager at the Fed of Nebraska. Then I was a Finance Manager for a Nonprofit Trust Fund in Seattle; I was a Senior Financial Analyst for a Credit Union when my boss the CFO quit without notice because of family tragedy and I realized, as an interim CFO that I didn't want the position to which I aspired. I then went on to lead a team of high level accounting consultants at a multibillion dollar transnational firm. I became an executive recruiter for a small firm, from which I realized that I could open my own business and have been doing so for the last 1+ years.
Before I graduated college I was in the army for 9 years and did two tours in Iraq. During that time I was a truck driver driving fuel through Iraq and an Electrical Shop Foreman. That is a story and a half in itself.

Essentially, I have experience in leadership, finance, marketing, sales, human resources and engineering. Jack of all trades, so to speak.

The Secret Ingredient To Finding The Perfect Leader: Matching Skills And Roles feat. Kyle Martin with Ghost Mountain Executive Search
March 9, 2023

The Secret Ingredient To Finding The Perfect Leader: Matching Skills …

In this podcast episode, we discuss the importance of finding good leaders and matching them with the right positions, and how that is exactly what Ghost Mountain Executive Search does. Kyle Martin evaluates leaders, companie...

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