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Automation in Business with KEAP feat. Clate Mask

There are many challenges that entrepreneurs face when running a business, one of those being customer relations. Small businesses do not have the resources to match the customer service offered by larger companies, and techniques available to small businesses are inefficient or outdated. What if there was a way to reduce the time and resources spent on marketing while still leaving customers satisfied? In today’s episode, we speak to Clate Mask, CEO and Co-founder of Keap, an all-in-one Customer Relationship Management (CRM), sales, and marketing platform designed to grow businesses. What sets Keap apart from similar companies is its ability to automate various marketing and sales aspects of any business, leaving you with more time to concentrate on the essential aspects. In our conversation, we learn how Keap first started and the automation products it offers to clients. We discuss the importance of sales and marketing for growing a business, the challenges that small businesses face regarding customer relations, and how automation can streamline your operations. Clate also shares why he decided to start Keap and the inspiring journey of getting to where he is today. Tune in to discover how automation can make first-time customers into lifetime fans and grow your business with Clate Mask!

Key Points From This Episode:

We start the show with an icebreaker question for Clate: favorite local restaurant?
An overview of Clate’s career journey.
What motivated him to become an entrepreneur and start Keap.
Clate explains the basics of automation and Customer Relationship Management (CRM).
Find out about what Keap is and how it helps businesses grow.
The benefits of automation for small businesses.
How automated relational marketing can help grow your customer base.
The challenges that small businesses face with regard to relationship marketing.
Reasons to choose Keap over its competitors.
The type of support Keap offers to new and existing clients.
Hear about the difficult journey of founding Keap.
Clate shares the moment he knew starting Keap was the right choice.
Reasons why it is essential to remain motivated despite the challenges.
Discover the advantages of automation in both your business and life.
We discuss why people choose to become entrepreneurs.


“Unfortunately, most of the time in business, we work so hard to get a customer that we leave out the profitable part, which is getting reviews, referrals, and repeat business.” — @ClateMask [0:08:48]

“It is about the solution and not just the software.” — @ClateMask [0:17:37]

“To automate your sales and marketing will change your life, but you have to put some effort in. And we help you with that.” — @ClateMask [0:22:07]

“We love to empower entrepreneurs with automation because when it happens and when they get it, it is not just game-changing and business-changing, it is literally life-changing.” — @ClateMask [0:31:36]

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